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Reflections from the midlife trenches, erotic fiction and other shenanigans.

GenX coming of age reflections: uncomfortable nurse teaching sex to teens

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This is a multi-part series: Learning sex part 1, part 2, part 3

During my high school years in the mid-1980s, I yearned to talk to someone about the fun aspects of sex, but there was no one. Most people in my orbit were uncomfortable with the topic. It wasn’t something people debated over lunch, for instance. Not like today, where everyone hurls every private thought into the internet abyss…

I remember an awkward health class in grade 11.

My high school invited a nurse to give us a sex education lesson. I thought, great, we’re finally going to learn…

GenX coming of age reflections: uninvited oral sex

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This is a multi-part series: Learning sex (part 1) Learning sex (part 2)

The mention of oral sex is everywhere nowadays; in social media, online, public billboards, magazine ads, you name it. Just the other day I saw an ad posted on twitter which featured a cartoon woman sitting on a man’s face. The caption said something to the tune of keeping your nose and mouth covered, implying wearing masks in public places. The ad was a billboard in Hamburg, Germany.

Oral sex today is considered normal, necessary and desired, an expected part of foreplay and sex. This fascinates me…

GenX coming of age reflections: the bj that wasn’t

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This is a multi-part series: Learning sex (part 1)

My sophomore year at University was relatively uneventful. I returned to the same residence and noticed almost all of my previous friends had moved on to some place else. I was alone and suddenly unsure if it was the right decision to return to this dorm.

I began my studies and relished living without a roommate. I liked my roommate from the previous year; we remained friends and even moved off-campus together the following year. …

GenX coming of age reflections: dorm sex

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The first time I realized that adequate, slow-building arousal was a key ingredient for fulfilling sex was during my University years.

I often wondered what an inexperienced, introverted teenage girl wanted from a boy. Romance, I decided, was the answer. Like they showed on TV.

There was plenty of media hurled at us during the 80s about a boy chasing a girl, overcoming some drama, ultimately getting the girl and then living happily ever after. I spent at least a year watching Luke and Laura on General Hospital and similar shows or movies during my high school years. They all…

Optimal health is complicated

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Someone asked me recently what the difference was between a probiotic and a digestive enzyme. It occurred to me at that point that many people reach for supplementation to improve their nutrition and well-being without adequate knowledge. I included myself in that category; at least I did until I informed myself through my health care team.

I take both probiotic and digestive enzymes, for a variety of reasons. I checked with professionals, did my own sourcing for information, and came to conclusions which suit me and my family at this point in life.

What is a probiotic?

The short answer defines a probiotic as…

While he started a new career at the same time

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One night I watched a bunch of syndicated Big Bang Theory episodes. As always, they were funny and entertaining, but one in particular kind of threw me for a loop. It somehow sparked a weird, long, complicated memory of my early-mom-days from 12 years ago.

I sat in my bed immediately after that episode finished, and typed out the convoluted mess that my subconscious dredged up.

I hereby caution you: the following post is lengthy, ugly, painful, and maybe just a little bit insightful.

TV is hazardous to your mental health

The episode that sent me down…

How reflections into the past shape our present and future

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Sometimes, you have to force yourself to shed the past and live in the present.

I discussed this with a friend this morning. I told her how I sometimes struggle with living in the present since I do so much reflecting on the past. She said:

Neither the past nor the future matter as much as the present.

I’m not convinced, nor do I agree completely. I countered with this:

The past shapes us.

Her response:

Only if you choose.

I didn’t really agree with this statement either. The past…

As long as you write a relationship script and stick to it

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Most people who separate or divorce divide their assets and move on. At the very least, they live apart while they wait for dissolution to occur, say a house with kids still living in it.

But not everyone has the luxury to move out on their own when parting ways with a spouse. In fact, in recent months I’ve heard about three people I knew peripherally through friends who were living with their exes.

My separation was unique and unusual; I had an alternate place to live, rent free, with a recently widowed family member. …

Salivating seduction

image my own

On my knees in black lace and leather, eyes wide open, I salivate. My tongue almost laps at his tip.

He stares down at me with bedroom eyes. I’ve seen that look before, once or twice, many months apart.

I stare back at him, lure him into my core.

Stay a while, I say without words.

Still on my knees, my mouth warm and moist, I invite the inevitable. I can almost taste his manhood.

I lick my lips. He watches closely, his body tense and rigid.

The connection is there, deep and real.

Also simple and complicated…

Tomorrow never comes

source: Writer of Words etcIf not now, when?

Standing at the fork of the road on my 50th birthday was the pivotal turning point for me. I finally took the bull by the horns and began my trek toward seeking my true voice. I was scared to death but realized, if I didn’t do something to push myself out of my comfort zone, I would end up dead with nothing to show for.

So I started writing smut.

Don’t worry, this publication has nothing to do with smut. That was an outlet and fun, for a while. Until I met a whole slew of awesome…

Writer of Words etc

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